Sunday, 29 April 2012

DIY: Painting a Wardrobe & Dresser

We were kindly given 2 wardrobes and a dressser by Chris' godmother just before we moved in a few weeks ago. They were a little battered and musty so I decided to bring them back to life with a lick of paint....


How wrong I was.....

2 weeks later, 5 hours of sanding, 2 tins of undercoat, 1 tin of emulsion and 5 coats of satinwood...I was finally finished.


I have a small obsession with Duck Egg blue....the majority of house items I've bought have been duck egg. So I thought well....why not have a duck egg wardrobe too?! I call it my 'feature wardrobe'!

I decided to paint the insides too - as I refused to put my clothes inside, in case I ended up smelling like an old lady! Little did I know, but the insides actually took longer than the outside..gah.

After all the work, I am very pleased with them... it was my first DIY project after all. They're definately not perfect but hey ho. The only problem I encountered was that after 3 coats of undercoat, you could see yellow patches through the white...which was a tad worrying...but the satinwood covered them up nicely.

I finished them off with some scented draw liners and Laura Ashley handles here. We also found a large handle to match for the wardrobe - but I can't find the link to that....

The existing handles were dark brass which wouldn't have fitted in with the fresh look I was going for. But I may use them on another project I've got lined up.

Paint used:
Primer: Homebase - Home of Colour - Quick Drying Primer & Undercoat - Pure Brilliant White - here
Outer: Homebase - Home of Colour - Quick Drying Satin Paint - Duck Egg - here
Inside: Homebase - Home of Colour - Matt Emulsion Paint - Duck Egg - here

Here's a pic of the dresser next to our (huuuge!) new bed:

See a few more photos on my Flickr here

Here's to more DIY posts....Hurrah!

Looby xx

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