Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's in my Bag / Nov 2012

My Mom bought me this bag last year for Christmas and I love it. It holds so much of my crap! From left to right....

Cath Kidston Notebook
I write literally everything in this. Shopping lists, notes, wedding plans, to do lists.
My Nikon Camera
I always carry this around with me... you never know!!
2012 Diary (Next)
I never used to be a 'diary' person. But now I have everyone's birthdays in here plus all events, holidays etc.
Ibuprofen & Allergy Tablets
For those kinda days....
Super useful for transfering files between my family's pcs and mine
Hello Kitty Pen
I bought this in Narita Airport, Japan with my last few Yen! Its lasted me 6 years. It has a little charm on the top which is cute...but pretty annoying when you're trying to write anything!
Smooth Black Pen
For when I want to write 'posh' things :)
Samsung Galaxy Apollo Phone
The crappiest phone in the world. Ever. Bring on Nov 23rd...upgrade time.
My House Keys
I have lots of keys. My house, moms house, dads house...
Knitted iPod Sock
From a lovely lady in the US. Her Etsy Shop is here.
iPod Nano
A gift from my girlfriends for my 21st. It's inscribed on the back too :)
Cath Kidston Purse
Bigger is better.
Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses
Possibly my biggest splurge. I love them very much.
iPod Earphones
Car Keys
I have a classic mini. My keyring is Brum!
Cath Kidston Mirror
Nivea Cream
Couldn't live without this stuff. I need it every time I wash my hands.
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain (Rendezvous)
My favourite lip product at the moment. I highly recommend these.
Kate Moss Lipstick
Pretty impressed with these..they smell like fruit.
Revlon Lip Liner
Vaseline (Rose)
I'm using this loads at the moment...for chapped autumn lips!
Kirby Grips
I have these literally everywhere.
Chewing Gum

Looby xx

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